Sunflower Streams - Glenda Stafford


Remember When?

"Recently, I was watching a movie on TV. I noticed that in one scene, at a sporting event, I saw throngs of people all crowded together. I felt nostalgic. That wouldn't happen today. I wistfully recalled how handshakes way back then (last year) were automatic, hugs were frequent, and masks were something worn only at Hallowe'en or for illegal activities."


The State Fair in Topeka

"When I grew up in Kansas in the 1950s, the Kansas State Fair was one of the biggest events of the year. At least, that's what I and my sisters thought. Back then, the Fair was held in Topeka, our hometown. (More on that subject in a moment.)"


A Ride Back in Time

"A short time ago, I travelled to Grand Junction, Colorado, from my eastern Kansas home. My nephew was getting married and I had been invited to attend....And, yes, I came home with several great stories, but the best one involved my ride to the airport as I began my trip."