That Little Thing

by Susan Stafford



Chapter One: It All Started With Wes

Chapter Two: Adrift

Chapter Three: Ashore

Chapter Four: Interlude

Chapter Five: Hank

Chapter Six: Jumping Off The High Board

Chapter Seven: Moths and Flames

Chapter Eight: Black Monday

Chapter Nine: Shifting Gears

Chapter Ten: Swallowed Up

Chapter Eleven: Reconstruction

Chapter Twelve: On The Brink

Chapter Thirteen: Crossing Over

Chapter Fourteen: Road Trip

Chapter Fifteen: Seeds Sprouting

Chapter Sixteen: Revelation

Chapter Seventeen: Birthday Wish

Chapter Eighteen: Into The Light

Chapter Nineteen: Operation Prom Night

Chapter Twenty: Passages

Chapter Twenty-One: Operation Hank

Chapter Twenty-Two:  The Christmas Ball

Chapter Twenty-Three:  Christmas Gifts

Chapter Twenty-Four:  One Plus One Equals One

Chapter Twenty-Five:  Just That Quick

Chapter Twenty-Six:  The Story Of The Blue Stripe

Chapter Twenty-Seven:  Operation Wedding Bells

Chapter Twenty-Eight:  Made New

Chapter Twenty-Nine:  Coming Home





"That Little Thing" Copyright © 2020 Susan Stafford