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"When I grew up in Kansas in the 1950s, the Kansas State Fair was one of the biggest events of the year. At least, that's what I and my sisters thought. Back then, the Fair was held in Topeka, our home town. (More on that subject in a moment.)"
"Some (okay, many) of my columns will reminisce about by-gone days in Kansas, of the Sunflower State as it was years ago and even earlier than that. This column, however, will reminisce about the by-gone era of a year ago (2019)."

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"Without sufficient warning in early 1888, a great snowstorm impudently attacked the plains states, and a different blizzard later paralyzed the East...."
"Kansas has been blessed with a number of innovative inventors, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers....But one of the most impressive members of this group must be Samuel Jay Crumbine, an extraordinary problem-solver in the area of public health. His accomplishments of the last century still impact us today."

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Callie Robinson comes home to Ware, Kansas, to settle the estate after the loss of her mother. Overwhelmed by her loss and other reversals, Callie feels like just giving up. But there's something about Ware, and the people there, that tugs her forward. To where, and to what? Callie's not sure she even wants to know. But one small step keeps leading to another....