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    Our columnists share their memories, views, and stories of Kansas life and history.

Views of Kansas life and history

Columnist: Susan Stafford

"When I grew up in Kansas in the 1950s, the Kansas State Fair was one of the biggest events of the year. At least, that's what I and my sisters thought. Back then, the Fair was held in Topeka, our home town. (More on that subject in a moment.)"

© 2020 "The Kansas State Fair in Topeka" by Susan Stafford
Columnist: Susan Stafford

"Some (okay, many) of my columns will reminisce about by-gone days in Kansas, of the Sunflower State as it was years ago and even earlier than that. This column, however, will reminisce about the by-gone era of a year ago (2019)."

"Remember When?" Copyright © 2020, Susan Stafford

A short time ago, I travelled to Grand Junction, Colorado, from my eastern Kansas home. My nephew was getting married and I had been invited to attend.

Grand Junction is nestled in the middle of the western side of Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. Rain is scarce here and lawns tend to be landscaped with river rock instead of grass. The land overall is very arid and much like a desert.